What is Sin-App-Sus

Neurons that fire together wire together. but lets replace the word neuron for people/organizations
then we understand that sinappsus is the system by which people and organizations fire and wire together to create positive change



“To miss the mark”
Sin is an apt description of not only the failure of man but the confession of our limitations as well as our agony or suffering. We all sin or err but from this place of agony and our attempt to gain meaning our most deepest art is born. Art has always stood as a way to find meaning inside of suffering.



"application or technical solution”
applications are software developed on technology for the purpose of resolving our limits presented by our sin and to bring solutions to this sphere as well as give new means for expressing the art born from this



“Sustainability and connection”
recognizing the need for not only sustainable living but also the study and need for working more closely with nature to resolve the problem of connection with ourselves, with one another and with nature

The hard truth

No one listens to a sales pitch anymore
but everyone can still be changed by a story that truly speaks to the heart. But we must speak in all the voices of digital to be heard and seen as congruent authorities in our industries

Jacques Artgraven
Jacques Artgraven Director of Technology
We are in desperate need of a narrative that describes this world joseph campbell

Why Work With Us

The answer is simple but the process is not.
The world we live in is not perfect. ever since digital there has been an increase in anxiety and anti social behaviour.
UNPLUGGED PEOPLE: Technology and the information was suppose to bring us closer together but instead we see

  • The cloud as lack of privacy and security
  • social media as a major source of (FOMO) with increased senses of isolation, depression and anxiety
  • Blogs leading to more mis information and information overload
  • pay per click societies where instant gratification or entitlement without earning has spawned a generation
  • Apps stores giving us to much choice

At the same time however we see a massive increase in franchises that drive new and exciting narratives with education and entertainment spawning billion dollar industries
from final fantasy to avengers to udemy
a generation that seeks entertaining narratives and not sales pitches
seeks empowerment and not quick fixes
seeks to make a difference and is aware of social impact and the enviroment

The simple fact

The largest crowd building ventures are narrative or education driven.
see below on the left stats from udemy and on the right a snippet from final fantasy release both taken Dec 2016

We are in desperate need of a narrative that describes this world joseph campbell


Having a strong digital partner is essential for success in the growing landscape to help guide on through the transition from web 2.0 to web 3.0
As you come to see us as the partner you can trust and rely on to help navigate these digital waters with you.
We will guide you specifically in the following areas with the greatest level of expertise and professional results


from developing the storyboard and content strategy. to executing the marketing and advertising methods, to planning the wireframes, user experience and the user interface. our passion leads the industry


The internet of things opens up to a range of connected devices and our techs love to push the boundries from robotics to drones to bio feedback devices and the creation of smart rooms and original technology


The 3rd iteration of the internet is on its way and it will run on blockchain. this distributed ledger is a key in creating a system of trust. so whether you want to create your own cryptocurrency or build a smart contract. we can make it happen. Beyond this we are skilled in the cloud and can insure your deployment stacks work smoothly and are correctly automated whether they sit in the blochain on the cloud

Virtual,Mixed and Augmented Reality

From Unity3d to Unreal engine to Hololense to web and mobile AR, our team of pioneers can not only build on and for all devices but create original experiences and technology setups

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

classifications, recommender systems, smart bots, computer vision, cognitive services and so much more. from original developed MLs to integration into the big servers at Google,IBM or Microsoft we are ready to show you the way

Security and Penetration Testing

Security is and should be anyones first concern. we can not only guide you through important legislation, help you with testing load and penetration new systems as well as your existing organisation or network as well as assist you in setting up structures in place to give you peace of mind and insure compliance

Audio Design - 3D - Motion Graphics - Digital Art

Every area of content production from producing the 3d models, to texturing to animating, to character design, to filming and photographing and putting it all together with original music. our proven track records sets us ahead of the pack

Strategy - Coaching - Consulting - Research and Development

Nlp gurus, Business coaches, Technology experts, lecturers and teachers form a basis of our team. our experts will guide you and consult or coach you through the digital landscape as well as your personal and or professional ones. Why not have our experts investigate the best route forward for you

Web, Mobile and Software Development

Device and database agnostic creations is our mindset with a mobile first approach we insure our teams can not only work in every major language but on every possible screen and delivery platform

Dont justify your dreams
execute them! Gary Vaynerchuk

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you can register to become a client without any obligation or if you want to talk to one of us in person just fill out the form
we are happy to get in touch and meetup for a coffee and just a conversation. you can get us to do alot for just coffee already
we dont hold single offices as we dont believe in having our teams sit in traffic and adding to the problem of global warming plus we actually understand our industry and practice what we preach

Got a vision you want to turn into a digital reality?

send us a message with what you have in mind and we will get in touch to help you realize it

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