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Machine learning and Artificial intelligence


When googles alpha go beat the world chess champion, we paid attention. <br> again when it beat the world go champion we go scared<br> now its making phone calls on our behalf with googles assistant sounding like a real human?<br> can you afford to ignore this or will you use it to automate before your industry is automated


from google assitant to siri to amazon eco to microsoft cognitive services and cortona

artificial intelligence and machine learning is already integrated in many parts of our society
we see most car manufacturers having a self driving car program, drone delivery services, aws working with police using facial detection and situational awareness technology all driven by machine learning

new break throughs in medicine will soon make us question the need for doctors potentially

air pilots? drivers? not even speaking of car washers, cashiers and personal assistance
its not my intention to scare you but it is my intention to make you see that as sure as each day brings us all closer to death each day brings us closer to the age of machine automation and either we will lead that age together or we will be replaced by it.

lets talk about your value today and how we can use that to secure your future for generations because the top 10 carreers of the next 10 years have not yet been thought off so why dont we design them together


automate your business before your business is replaced by automation


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