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Mixed, Virtual and Augmented Reality


Major providers such as facebook, microsoft, google and ios are moving away from the screen and setting their focus on breaking out of it by moving us into mixed reality solutions


With the first series of windows mixed reality devices already in market, hololense losing the battle for mixed reality headsets as more and more becoming available
the release of the htc vive pro and new 5k headsets as well as photoreal solutions and point cloud data driven photo real renders coming from euclidiun and other providers

we stand at the presepuse of a enw age where the interface becomes the real world and either we are ahead of market or we will cash in when the bubble has already broken and its to late

with virtual mixed and augmented reality we need a strategy that does not just consider the coming technology but the current market readiness whether its browser based VR or smartphone based AR

solutions that will revolutionaize medicine, learning, driving and so much more so why not speak to the team who has been working with this since before it became a thing so you can be ahead of the market before its as common as the cellphone


Visualizing your future across platforms that are mixed, augmented or virtual as we break away from the screen


Homestea, Rivonia
Gauteng - South Africa
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