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Mobile and Web Development


If your website isnt mobile responsive it wont even show up on google


For over 18 years we have been building websites from those old strange ones with marquues back when the web first got started to powerful complex social media applications and e commerce systems in the web 2.0 generation and we are one of the first adopters of web 3.0 technology by being able to apply blockchain into web development setting us ahead of the pack

but what also sets us apart is how our designs draw from the latest technologies including VR for web and 3D animations in html and javascript

but also that our creations are cross platform and will run on all devices current minus 2 browsers at the very least with custom creations going much much further back

we have seen it all and can create web based application that dont stop working when the internet dies

or complex mobile applications that run locally and can still operate with machine learning and other tools without having to depend on a net connections as we are able to create all the 3rd party services if you need it done.

so stop waisting time with these fly by nights selling you websites from 2000 or another wordpress site and take your core online presence seriously so your competitors done come out above you with superior technology when they choose us


Mobile and Responsive Web Design and Development as well as complete UX and UI


Homestea, Rivonia
Gauteng - South Africa
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