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Photography and Cinematography


every fool with a cellphone thinks he/she is a photographer or a film maker and every boy and girl with an instagram profile thinks they are models


but what sets the professionals apart from the amateurs is years of experience an attention to details the others never even see.

the old phrase i am not an artist but i know what i like is apt as the average user cannot tell you whats wrong with an image or scene but they know when its wrong and when its right

the profession understands the why behind this art of perception

as such we bring your images to life so they connect evoke parts of your viewers unconscious mind and create cinematic experiences that become the defining moments in your viewers lives with intelligent sound design, well defined lighting and color grading

from the planning, storyboarding, to the shoot day and all its parts, directing, sourcing, to the post production and editing room we will take you from concept to magazine cover or big screen

so yes. your best does have a camera and a few instagram followers which will help you get a like down someones timeline or you can choose us and not only do we have more expensive cameras that capture more timeless images and better quality sound but we understand the principles that makes that person not just hit like but share and see themselves as the protoganist of your story. dont just create another campaign.. create a best seller


from product photography to commercials and promotion videos


Homestea, Rivonia
Gauteng - South Africa
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